I googled “Seth Godin’s first blog post.” I wanted to write a good first post so of course I searched. It was really easy. First result was his actual first post (I think), “Boring.”

Seth always makes it look so simple. He’s saying what’s up for him, but it’s not all about him. There’s always something interesting there for his reader, inside a pithy package. Every blogger needs to read Seth Godin.

I didn’t want to write a long or self-indulgent post but I wanted to capture the important stuff and share it. I wanted to know — Where did Seth start? Did he lay down some sort of basis for his blog in that first post? Did he loop us into who he is, what he was thinking about, where we are, where we might be going? Or did he just start in the middle?

The answer to all that is yes. It’s how to start anything important.