Beat the Burnout Private Coaching

Create a pathway back to wellbeing. You never know how far you can go, until you've gone too far. When you've hit a wall or you see it fast approaching, our Beat the Burnout Private Coaching takes you off the collision course. This intensive program combines coaching, education, and energy work to provide new opportunities for healing, growth, and change.

First we take you deep into a state of recovery, helping you rest your body, mind and spirit and easing the symptoms of burnout at every level. You’ll begin to feel better right away. Next, we'll uncover and address the underlying causes of your burnout, so you can develop new strategies to support yourself. Finally, we'll help you find healthy opportunities for growth, and we’ll teach you how to power up your new habits to reach higher levels of performance and joy. You'll leave this series feeling more like yourself, back in touch with your sense of professional freedom, creative fulfillment, and a mission that matters.

Beat the Burnout is offered as an 8-month private coaching package for $12,000. Packages for maintenance and follow-up work may be custom designed. A 4-month payment plan is available.

Rainmaker Mentorship


Level up and love your work! 

When it's your life's work to help others, lift up our society, and shift culture, you have to bring in new business to get the work done. And if you start on talent and keep moving forward, you may eventually reach your “growth edge.” That's when you look around and realize: you're spread so thin that you’re making it rain for everyone but yourself.

Step into a context of support, cultivate a whole-hearted mindset, and recharge your skill set. Our Rainmaker Mentorship Programs are high-level programs for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals.

Connect in our invitation-only cohort programs with a group of high performers who are ready to level up and love their work, and dive deep with a mentor in our highly-supported 1-2-1 programs. It's time to create productivity, performance, and possibility – for yourself and for a better world.

Rainmaker 1-2-1 Private Coaching starts at $12,000 for 8 months and $20,000 for 15 months. Available group programs will vary, ranging from our 90-Day Mini-Intensive for $3000 (offered once a year), to our year-long Women’s Roundtable for $10,000. Custom packages for ongoing support, consultation, and follow-up work are available by request. Payment plans are available.

Side Hustle System Group + Private Coaching for Women

Build and grow a coaching, consulting, or service-based side business you love!

Walk through a simple, six-step framework to build a successful business on your own time. Side Hustle System lets you keep moving forward in your career, create the work you love, and keep growing on your own terms.

Whether you’ve climbed the corporate ladder and found it leaning against the wrong wall or you’re simply wanting to explore a new business idea, join our group program for women to receive top-notch coaching in a community of whip-smart entrepreneurs who will support and encourage you.

We currently offer Side Hustle System as a self-paced, online group program for women at an early bird rate of $497 (regular price $1497) with open enrollment.

Private coaching includes full access to the online course, and is available as a 5-session mini-package for $3200 or an 8-month deep dive for $12,000. Fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to answer all your questions!

Christina Providence.jpeg

Meet Christina Providence, MFA, GPCC™

I have been teaching and coaching high performers since 1993 and have always been curious about how we can all be at our best. 

As a Gestalt Professional Certified Coach™, I take a holistic approach to support leaders in doing good, feeling great, and loving their work. I help high performers feel like themselves again, so they can launch into new phases that excite them – new jobs, new projects, or new perspectives in their lives. Together we find ways to keep their work lives productive and fresh.

As Principal Coach at The Providence Method, I spend my days:

•    coaching, mentoring and consulting with leaders, helping them cultivate their resiliency and sense of humor so they can regain a sense of control in their lives and their work.

•   creating programs to help high performers develop and maintain maximum productivity.

•   working with purpose-driven professionals, business owners, and community leaders who are committed to creating optimal results in their work and in the community.

My style is collaborative, encouraging, and highly creative. I’m on a mission to help others find the genius and joy in their work, just as I have in mine, and to enjoy the journey along the way.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of working with my team and me, please reach out. Your name in my inbox will make my day!

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