Take a moment, find your balance, and open up some bandwidth in your mind. Sometimes you’re just stuck and exhausted, and you feel like you can’t take a next step. Our Reset classes and coaching packages give you a burst of intensive support, providing expert guidance so you can recharge, clear your mind, and feel ready to take action again.


Get clear with our Refocus programs. These intensive programs begin by taking you deep into a state of recovery, helping you heal burnout at every level. Uncover and remove the underlying causes that have you feeling stuck, developing new strategies along the way to support yourself as you change and grow. Finally, power up your new habits and skills into peak performance so you can consistently create the life and work that feeds you and keeps you moving forward.


Find a new job, create a new relationship, or start a business: with guidance and support for 10 months or more, our Rebuild programs help you optimize the creative process. First you'll learn our Reset process - so you can start where you are and create balance, preparing to dive deep into the process of discovery and change. Next, we'll guide you through a Refocus intensive. You'll learn how to figure out exactly what you want, create what is missing for you, and get clear on next steps. Finally, we'll walk with you through the process of redesigning and rebuilding your life and your work to better support your big vision and goals.


Catherine H.

co-founder and co-Ceo, social security Advisors

The Providence Method is full of wisdom that only a brilliant coach like Christina could offer. She can do in one session what took me 3-5 sessions with another coach. She's the right combination of artist and scientist, and she coaches in a way that merges head and heart. Her process is non-judgmental, compassionate, and highly informed. She helped me see what I want to be doing in life and - most importantly - how I can actually get there. Give her method a try; it's magic and mastery. I promise you won't be disappointed. 


Christina C.

Director of Development, batten disease support and research association

I wanted to springboard into something more, and with The Providence Method I was able to create huge results - a new title, a new salary, and then down the line, the job of my dreams. As a coach and teacher, Christina Providence understands at a very, very high level what I am thinking and feeling. I don’t know of anyone else who works the way she does. The Providence Method helped me change my work and personal life, and gave me skills I will use for many years to come.

Christina Providence.jpeg

Meet Christina Providence

I have been teaching and coaching high performers since 1993 and have always been curious about how we can all perform at our best. 

For 20+ years, I've helped go-getters break through burnout to find greater fulfillment, purpose, and passion. My students recover from pain and fatigue, launch into new phases that excite them – new jobs, new projects, or new perspectives in their lives - and find new ways to engage in order to keep their work lives productive and fresh.

As Principal Coach and Consultant of The Providence Method, I spend my days:

•    coaching and consulting with leaders, helping them shift from burnout into balance, creativity, and peak performance.

•   creating programs to help high performers develop and maintain maximum productivity.

•   working with purpose-driven executives, business owners, and community leaders who are committed to creating optimal results in their work and in the community.